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60 vegicaps 3 mg Gluten Free

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Click here to download Product Flyer (PDF) Click here for Supplement Facts   Boron is something nearly every American needs Why? 1.) Because too many of us fail to take in optimal levels of vitamin D and Boron. 2.) Because nearly every woman past 30 and man past 40 loses more calcium in their urine than they absorb from their diets (i.e. negative calcium balance). 3.) And because so many of us are overweight. The net effect of boron has been repeated in studies on many species of mammals from mice to humans. When Boron nutrition is adequate, the body retains more calcium than it loses (positive calcium balance). Athletes and anyone who aspires to healthy muscle tone may be interested in Boron. Adequate Boron nutrition from diet or phyto-boron supplementation may optimizes both 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D-3 and testosterone levels. These hormones not only help build and strengthen bone and connective tissue, but also help support lean body mass and fat metabolism.* Read More

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