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Education: One of our 14 Guiding Principles is “Education Before Marketing”. We believe it is one of the most important principles. Until 1905, the design of the human diet evolved by trial and error. In the earliest days, our hunter-gatherer ancestors would eat something out of curiosity (or desperation) – a plant, an insect, a fruit or an animal part. If it was palatable, and didn’t kill them, they learned it was safe to eat. Experiential knowledge replaced total ignorance, and diets characteristic of regions of the world became part of local human cultures.  To a certain degree, the biochemistry of peoples living in those regions adapted to those characteristic diets. 

Unlike today’s world, there were no nutritional health supplements. No all in one supplements or best fitness supplements to boost our ancestors diet intake. There was no agriculture; no unnatural soil depletion. Each food was wild, packing each calorie with a dense array of micronutrients. That is what the human body adapted to and still expects to receive. Yet there was no all in one best food. It took a variety of them from an omnivorous diet to meet all human needs.

The discovery that special substances hidden in food were essential to health shortly after the turn of the 20th century quickly led to the actual isolation and naming of the first “vitamine” in 1912 by Polish scientist, Casimir (Kazimierz) Funk. Revelation after revelation began to flow from that point forward to today. An unending web of interrelationships among vitamins, minerals, enzymes, alkaloids, phenols, fatty acids, proteins, sugars, and other substances from our diets guides human biochemistry toward health if our food choices are wise. To reach optimal health, of course, all the nutrients must be present, and confounding factors from stress, lifestyle and environmental factors should be controlled. 

The complex realm of health and nutrition requires that seekers of optimal health understand as much as possible about themselves, their food supply, and the benefits of nutritional supplements. Such knowledge provides tools that can be used to mold their reality to match their personal vision of vitality. We are at the point where knowledge is power. At Vibrant Health, we want to help you gather the knowledge you need to choose wisely and become the best you can be. Toward that end, Vibrant Health offers a variety of organic, all in one nutritional health supplements for men, women and children as well as the best supplements for fitness and optimum health.

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