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Jugo Verde™

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Greens and Veggies:
Wheat Grass Leaf Powder (Certified Organic) Chlorella Powder
Barley Grass Leaf Powder (Certified Organic) Spirulina Powder (Certified Organic)
Alfalfa Grass Leaf Powder (Certified Organic) Parsley Leaf Powder (Certified Organic)
Spinach Leaf Powder (Certified Organic) Tomato Fruit Powder
Zucchini Fruit Powder Carrot Root Powder (certified Organic)
Nopal Cladode Powder Aloe Gel Powder
Ginger Root Powder (Certified Organic) Celery Seed Powder
Peppermint Lead Extract 10:1

Jugo Verde™ offers all the wellness of nopal cactus combined with the power of chlorophyll-rich greens and aloe vera for effective detox and whole–body balance. Jugo Verde™ takes the age-old recipe of nopal juice to a new level combining alkalizing greens, aloe and seaweed for comprehensive body cleansing, healthy digestion and immune support.

Drink Jugo Verde™! A tasty all-natural juice powder for detoxifying and revitalizing your entire body.

What Does it Do For You?

detox and body cleansing

Cleansing and detoxification is at the core of Jugo Verde™. The greens and grasses contained in this blend are naturally high in chlorophyll –an effective detoxifying agent that kills off unfriendly bacteria and neutralizes toxins in the gut. Chlorella and spirulina were added to this formula for their high chlorophyll content but also because they have a unique ability to attach to excess heavy metals and to help excrete them out of the body.

digestive health

Nopal cactus and aloe have been used extensively by ancient cultures for their healing and restorative attributes. Jugo Verde™ successfully couples these traditional plants in a unique blend that promotes digestive health and assists in the prevention of stomach discomfort and other gastrointestinal issues.


immune support
Since most modern diets fail to supply enough micronutrients to support optimal health, Jugo Verde™ offers a unique blend of greens and grasses to supplement those deficiencies and deliver balanced nutrition and immune support to your body.

Our Formulation

Jugo Verde™ is a greens drink powder, perfectly combining the ancient healing wisdom of nopal and aloe with nutritious greens and grasses for an all-natural detoxifying and revitalizing blend.

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