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Vibrant Health International

Vibrant Health International

Vibrant Health offers several of our products in countries around the world. They are exclusively available for purchase through our distributors and cannot be purchased through other means. Doing so allows Vibrant Health to better assist through supplemental nutrition the healing of illness and the establishment of optimum health. To design and market the most efficacious Nutritional Food Supplements for the benefit of all men, women and children worldwide.


Pro Matcha Super Kids Vibrance Trilogy Super Natural Calcium Vibrant Cleanse
Pro Matcha

Pro Matcha is a plant-based protein featuring energizing Matcha. Matcha is a shade-grown Japanese tea that has been used to give tea drinkers a relaxed focus, among other benefits, for centuries. Algal, Sacha Inchi, Yellow Pea, and Spirulina provide over 20 grams of protein. Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO

Category: Protein
Label: Pro Matcha Natural

Pro Matcha Chocolate

Pro Matcha Vanilla


Super Kids Vibrance

A gluten free formula for younger people, ages 2 to 12 containing, probiotics, greens, vitamins and protein. A concentrated superfood, designed for growing girls and boys. A full balanced meal of protein, fruits and vegetables.

Category: Green Food
Label: Super Kids Vibrance Awesome Apple

Super Kids Vibrance Cool Chocolate



Trilogy simplifies supplementation by providing a 30-day supply of daily power packs. Each pack contains the top 3 supplements recommended by health practitioners in the U.S.: an organic plant-based multivitamin, mercury free fish oil, and probiotic capsules.

Category: Fish Oil, Multi-vitamin, Probiotic
Label: Trilogy Men

Trilogy Women


Super Natural Calcium

The calcium in Super Natural Calcium is supplied by Hydrilla verticillata, a rooted, freshwater plant that contains 15% elemental calcium on a dry weight basis, and by calecareous algae from the ocean, Lithothamnium sp. Both ingredients provide calcium (Ca) as it is found in nature, bound to carbohydrates, proteins and polyphenols in natural molecular complexes.

Category: Calcium Supplement
Label: Super Natural Calcium Powder

Super Natural Calcium Tablets


Vibrant Cleanse

The lemonade cleansing diet has been used for decades. It was designed and initially promoted in 1942 by Naturopath Stanley Burroughs as a liquid fast to rid the body of toxins. Industrial pollutants in the air we breathe and water we drink, chemical residues in processed foods, strange molecules from our medicines, and cooking pans, have all embedded themselves in tissues and organs. No one in the world is exempt.

Category: Cleanse + Detox
Label: Vibrant Cleanse 24 Day Serving

Vibrant Cleanse 48 Day Serving