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Buen DiaBuen Día™

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Protein 12g Natural Vitamin C 36mg
Natural Vitamin E 10 i.u. Natural Thiamine 4mg
Natural Riboflavin 3mg Natural Niacin 5mg
Natural Vitamin B6 6mg Natural Folate 102mcg
Natural Biotin 27mcg Natural Pantothenic acid 7mg
Natural Calcium 21mg Natural Iron 4mg
Natural Magnesium 10mg Natural Selenium 38mcg
Natural Sodium 170mg Natural Potassium 40mg

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it! Buen Día™ is an all-in-one nutritional breakfast smoothie providing everything you need to start your day the healthy way. One serving of Buen Día™ provides 12 grams of vegan protein, organic multivitamin with essential minerals and antioxidants for whole-body nutrition, healthy weight and long lasting energy.

Try Buen Día™! A delicious all-natural healthy breakfast in just minutes.

What Does it Do For You?


Buen Día™ successfully integrates its healthful pea protein with Orgen® multivitamin, omega-rich flax seed and fruit juices for whole-body nutrition, antioxidant protection and strengthened immune support. Orgen® multivitamin is comprised by a 100% certified organic blend of fruits and plants extracts, including their co-nutrients and co-factors, to help ensure you are getting all the required nutrients daily.


healthy weight

A standard breakfast consists of mostly carbohydrates and fats. The problem with this type of breakfast is that the body breaks down the carbohydrates very quickly, which means that before long you are hungry again –causing late-morning snacking. An easy and effective way to control your appetite in between meals is by having a protein-rich breakfast. Buen Día™ provides you with 12 grams of pea protein complete with all 8 essential amino acids, which support weight loss by decreasing hunger hormones and keeping blood glucose at healthy levels.


As you sleep, your body is hard at work digesting yesterday’s dinner. By the time you wake up, your body and brain are demanding fresh fuel. “Breaking the fast” is a good way to power up in the morning and to remain energized throughout the day. Buen Día™ is a quick and healthy way of refueling you body first thing in the morning. Its effective combination of power-packed pea protein and essential nutrients makes Buen Día™ an amazing source of energy by improving glycemic control and helping avoid the mid-morning energy crash.

Our Formulation

Buen Día™ is a protein-rich breakfast smoothie complete with Orgen®  –a 100% organic plant-based multivitamin with minerals and other key nutrients resulting in a well-rounded formulation to keep your body functioning optimally.

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